Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break - Day 9

 Also known as the day we finally went home!
Joseph woke up in the morning and showed me that his tooth was extremely loose.  I asked him if I could pull it and it came right out!
 After breakfast we all went for a swim before packing up.
 This time we made sure we were at the airport extra early and had time for lunch and some Kindle playing.

And then finally we were on board!
 Joseph and Mama worked on his practice tests since he was missing the last day of school before testing.  His sweet teacher texted me examples of what they were working on so he would be caught up.
 Jacob caught up on some sleep.
 And as we were getting off the plane in San Antonio the pilot offered for the boys to come take a pic inside the cockpit.  I expected that they would just step inside but the next thing I knew he was getting them settled into the seats.  So cool!
We had a wonderful vacation but are so glad to be home.  We hit the ground running the next day with laundry, testing, dentist appts for both boys and grocery shopping.  And we enjoyed dinner on our new deck!