Monday, August 20, 2012

organizing for school

I will let you in on a little secret.  This mama likes to be organized.  What?  That wasn't a secret? ok.

In the attempt to at least start out our year on an organized note:

We first organized Joseph's closet.  
He gets to wear uniforms to school and we're very excited about that.  It makes getting ready so much easier!  We attached all of our shorts to the hangers with clips.
 And then we matched up shirts and hung them over top of the shorts.  
 Ready to go!
 Now Joseph can just grab one hanger in the morning and he's all set.
 Next we reorganized our pantry.  
I cleaned off the bottom shelf and made it snack central.  I should have done this long ago!  We can grab a few things for the lunch box but everything is also easily accessible for other snack times.

 We also got a new little drawer for the fridge just for snacks and lunch packing purposes.  After grocery shopping, it only takes a few minutes to wash grapes and divide them out into snack bags.  Now we have bags of grapes, carrots, gogurts, cheese sticks and capri-suns all ready for Kindergarten lunches and a certain two-year-old that needs grapes while watching Mickey Mouse!