Monday, August 20, 2012

Penguins, Laundry and Choo-Choos! Oh My!

Saturday was Members Day at the Zoo.  Our morning started off with a bit of rain but it cleared up by lunch time so we headed out!  We got there in time for the Penguin feeding.

 And then we did some feeding of our own.
 Members Day included unlimited rides on the Carousel and Train.  Here are two excited boys waiting for their turn on the train.

Another big project was completed this weekend.  Awesome Daddy has been making a new drying rack for the laundry room.  And it is done!!!
 Mama is so excited about our old wobbly rack being replaced by this amazing one.
 Another week = another picture of the boys looking at the fish after church.
 We finished off our weekend with a surprise dinner out at one of the boys' favorite restaurants.  They get so excited with the choo-choo delivers the food.