Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 46

Monday . . . . funday?  

For some reason almost everyone at our house woke up tired and cranky and early.  Awesome.  We were headed to Kroger for our weekly grocery trip by 8:30.  Things went rather smoothly there.  yay!   
 And then we got home.  It's amazing how the simple phrase "please let Minnie out of her crate and take her outside" can turn into: screaming, crying, hitting, lying, more screaming and crying.  And then after disciplining, talking, apologizing, hugging and more crying. . . . 2 hours have passed and it's lunch time.  

After lunch, and with one crazy tucked in for a nap, the big crazy did some "homework."
 We also made some yummy banana oatmeal bread sprinkled with butterscotch chips.  And, while it was baking, we played War.
 And played with Minnie.
 The bread is done!!  
 And little crazy woke up.  
Mama was pretty thankful when daddy got home.  (she usually is)