Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 45

This little (stinkin' cute) crazy had water day at school.  Unfortunately it started raining once he got there and it will be rescheduled.  But, again, stinkin' cute!!!

Joseph and I enjoyed our rainy morning by playing a few games of Mastermind.  (And doing some cleaning).
 Then he informed me that it was National Watermelon Day.  What??!!!  I was caught unprepared.  

We went to Kroger after dropping Minnie Mae off at the groomers and picked up this prize.
 It was a beauty and amazingly sweet.  

 Little Miss Minnie Mae after her grooming.  See the bow?!  

Her report card had all good marks and said that "she is sooooo sweet!"  She also went to the door every. single. time. she needed to potty today.  Yay!!!!