Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 49

It's amazing how just rearranging some toys/games make them appealing again.  We are still trying to find a permanent place for Minnie Mae's crate.  She is NOT a fan of the laundry room.  And we are NOT fans of the whining.  So we're trying the dining room/play room.  So far she likes it.  It did mean a little rearranging and in the process mama cleaned off the game shelves and reorganized to make room for some more puzzles.  After that we spent part of the morning playing with some of the games.

This one is actually pretty educational.
 This one is not so educational but does require some timing/fine motor skills.
 Enough of that, time for grocery shopping/chasing Minnie Mae with the cart.  ("No Jake Jake!  We don't chase Minnie with the cart!!")
 And then mama found this recipe for Nutella Cookies on Pinterest and had to make them asap.
Dinner was also a Pinterest pin . . . but it needs its own post.  stay tuned. . .  

The UPS man arrived at the same time as daddy and brought some surprises from Uncle Travis, Aunt Aftin & cousin Ava.  After dinner we open Jacob's gift and played with Duplo Cars.  
Joseph and I are looking forward to playing with his "Have fun at Kindergarten" Cars Monopoly game on Summer Vacation - Day 50!