Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 43

One of mama's favorite cleaning products is just a simple mix of white vinegar and water.  I keep an old bottle and just keep refilling it.  It cleans and kills odors at the same time.  And it's super inexpensive.  Thanks to pinterest I have once again upped my game.  I've had orange peels soaking in white vinegar for the last two weeks and today I strained the vinegar and added it to the bottle for a nice, orange scented cleaning product.  Not to mention, the citric acid is also beneficial to cleaning.  It's the little things that make us happy.

 Unfortunately it has just been too hot to do much outside.  We do try to put some limits on computer time but there are a couple educational sites that the boys love.  This morning they spent some time singing nursery rhymes and racing cars.
 They also did some doggie snuggling.  (apparently upside down.)
 Joseph also accomplished a major goal for this summer.  He is finally able to spell his last name without looking off an example.  Let's face it. . . that name is long and hard.  Mama still has trouble sometimes.  I am very proud of him for working hard on our goals this summer.
 The highlight of our day was picking up daddy at the airport.  I love hearing the boys start to clap, giggle and chant "daddy! daddy!" when they spy him outside the airport.

For a special treat that evening we checked out a new Mexican place in town.  The queso fundido was pretty great but we'll never find a Santi's replacement.  Jacob did proceed to eat his weight in chips and salsa.