Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 42

Mama was determined to take more pictures today.  Mission accomplished!

Daddy left for San Diego early Sunday morning so we've been on our own for a few days.  Daddy's annual conference seems to take him somewhere gorgeous this week every year while we experience the hottest week of the summer.  I think next year we might tag along.

We started out with a yummy breakfast.  The boys enjoyed some leftover waffles and cheesy-goodness eggs.
 Mama discovered an unopened jar of bacon jam in the pantry and added it to her homemade English Muffin, egg & cheese sandwich.  It was truly yummy.
 After breakfast we all got ready and then took Jake Jake to school.  Joseph and I ran to Hobby Lobby on the way home to get supplies to make a couple headbands for our birthday girl neighbor.

 Joseph was a huge helper all day.  We got groceries in record time and after putting them away and having a quick lunch, we headed to the Museum of Discovery.  I've been wanted to take Joseph ever since their remodel and we recently procured a coupon.  Yay!  We had a great time exploring.  Initially I was glad that I only had Joseph with me.  Everything seemed to be way over Jake's head. . . . until we found the crazy kiddo room.  We'll have to take him along next time.
 We played with scarves in the giant wind tubes.
 We learned all about earthquakes - around the world and in AR.
 We put propellers on the fan and learned how to increase our speed by angling them.

 We worked on our upper arm strength. (Parkour/Ninja Warrior training)
 I bought some lobster from the polite fisherman.
 More Ninja Warrior training.
 Then we picked up the little crazy from school and made a Sonic stop on the way home.  I think everyone else in town had the same idea. What other options do you have when it's 110 outside?

 And in the evening we enjoyed a birthday party at the pool.  It was a super cute party with an ocean/mermaid theme.  You know mama loves a well-executed theme party!!!  :)