Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 50


We had a pretty crazy day around here.  First we got Daddy and Jake out the door.  Suddenly mama realized that we had to be at the vet in a half hour.  We hurried and got ready and went to the vet's. . . where Joseph promptly stepped in an ant hill and got at least 15 bites.  Mama got one bite rescuing him.  (guess who looks worse 24 hours later.  yep!  mama.)
After our visit to Dr. Laura (where Minnie Mae got her last round of boosters and we found out she has gained over 2 lbs.) we dropped MM off at home and then headed to get Joseph a haircut before school starts.  Many others had the same idea and we waited quite awhile for his turn.

 Yay for "ready for school" hair!
 We were so hungry by the time he got done so we had a little impromptu lunch date.  Joseph ate all his nuggets and half of my fries but saved his fruit cup for later.  It made a great afternoon snack.
 Which he ate while we played his new Cars Monopoly game from Uncle Travis, Aunt Aftin and cousin Ava.
 Then it was time to pick up our little crazy.  
 With promises of amazing overnight temps we decided another backyard camp-out was in order.  We cooked up some hot dogs and tater tots for dinner.
 And got our gear all ready.

 Unfortunately, after a busy day at school, Jake Jake really needed a good night's sleep in his own bed.  So we got him all settled and then headed outside for some marshmallow roasting and S'mores. 

 And it was camping time!  Glow sticks, Old Maid, War and the reading of some fun books.
I told Joseph he could stay up as late as he wanted.  He was so excited that he fell asleep mid-sentence at about 10 pm.  Night night!