Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 44

It was raining!!!!  Wet stuff came down from the sky.  Minnie Mae was a bit freaked out but every adult in Little Rock was ecstatic.

The boys did a puzzle while watching a couple cartoons.
And then needed a snack.  Did you know Kroger sells animal crackers in the shapes of numbers and letters?!  Great opportunity for learning before shoveling in little mouths.

 We made some new friends this morning as well when a new client came over with her kiddos who need uniforms altered for school.  One of the sweet girls brought along a Barbie with which Jacob was rather intrigued.  (what is the alien thing?  does it make car noises??)

We followed up their visit with our favorite summer-time lunch: PB&N choo-choo sandwiches, cheese stick and heart-shaped jello jigglers.
 After nap time, we literally ran off some energy.  Since Jacob is younger he starts at the back door and runs one lap.
 Joseph starts at the front door and runs 1/2 laps.  Which means they cross the finish line at roughly the same time depending on who is in better form that day.  We have to put Minnie Mae in her crate during this activity otherwise all h--- breaks loose.
It wears her out regardless.