Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fast & Sneaky

in the spirit of writing things down before I forget. . . .

background info needed:  We refer to Jake as being "fast and sneaky" all the time.  And he really is.  We barely had to baby proof the house for Joseph.  Jacob can turn the entire house upside down in about 30 seconds flat. without. making. a. sound.

at lunch today:
Joseph: (playing with something in his hand) "hey mama!  There was a fly on the table but I got it."
me: "a fly?"
Joseph: "yes - there was a fly.  But I smacked my hand down on him (demonstrating) and I got him!"
me: "you killed the fly with your hand?"
Joseph: "yes!  I'm fast and sneaky too!"
me: "is it, um, in your hand now?"
Joseph: (reaching for sandwich) "yes!"
me: "um, do not touch the sandwich.  go wash your hands."