Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 10

Finally Friday! 
This little one headed off to school where it was water day!
This big one went to play at a friend's house.
 Lest you think mama just sat around eating bon bons in a quiet house, she had an appointment.  :)  But then she also had a hot lunch date with dr. daddy at their favorite Indian buffet.

We try to make Friday evening dinners very kid friendly.  Last night we had sloppy joes and tater tots.  
The little one gobbled down his sloppy joe before I could get a picture of his plate.  See him shoveling in the last of it?
 This big one could not stop talking about how excited he was for dinner.  (mama, on the other hand, skipped dinner because she was still so full from the Indian buffet!)