Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 18

Yesterday was our first day to be out and about in a week!  We started off with Stroller Strides (mama is feeling the pain after missing a week) which wore this little one out.  He caught a nap between the park and our next stop.
 I'm sure you've noticed that the boys are looking pretty shaggy and in need of haircuts!  So we headed to the salon to play with the choo-choos and get trimmed up.

 Kids haircuts have become so much fun.  What can be better than sitting in a plane, eating a sucker and watching Toy Story 3?!

After lunch and some much needed naps, we tried out this pinterest idea.
 It makes great bubbles although I may try a smaller bottle next time.  This one seemed to require more air than my kiddos have.  But we used what we had on hand.
 It was still pretty fun.