Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 15

 ahhhh - Friday.  Time for everything to get back to normal. . .  sort of.  

Little Jake Jake headed off to school.  Joseph and I had plans to resume normal activities but I could tell first thing in the morning that the poor kiddo was still recovering.  He took one look at breakfast and said his stomach hurt and he just wanted to lay around.  So - another day at home.  Which turned out to be awesome because mama made huge headway on a sewing project for a client in Charleston.  And Joseph spent another day working in his math book and playing bingo.  Seriously folks - math is fun and games for this kid.  He LOVES math.  Obviously he gets that from his daddy.  

We were pulling ourselves together in the afternoon to make a quick run and pick Jake up from school when daddy said he'd just leave early and bring him home.  Yay.  

But when they got home, they brought this.
Yep - a confirmed case of head lice in Jake's class.  It makes your head itch just reading it.  
And that's when the day got fun!  Dr. Daddy and Mama tag teamed the rest of the evening: scrubbing kids, stripping beds, sponge bathing stuff animals, throwing stuff in the laundry and making dinner.  

Which would have been easier if I had boxed spaghetti from the store. But, seriously, once you go fresh it's so hard to settle for store bought!!!

 Squeaky clean, hopefully lice-free, and ready for dinner!!!
 Yummy goodness!!!

 Joseph wanted to take a picture of his plate too.  I didn't feel his tummy was quite up to meat sauce so he just had fresh spaghetti with a little butter sauce.  
We have a couple fun activities planned for this weekend so stay tuned for a Weekend Edition of our summer vacation!