Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 4

It was about mid-afternoon on day 3 of our wonderful summer vacation when I heard the words I was trying to avoid.  "mama - what can I do?  I'm bored."  NOT ON MY WATCH KIDS!!!

On Day 4 of vacation I kept them so busy they didn't have time to think.

We played with chalk and drew pretty pictures and math problems all over the patio.

Then we put up the tent. . . 
 and played sleepover.
Then we filled up a container with water and had all kinds of fun stirring, pouring and "painting."

 And when they were so tired and sweaty they could barely walk. . . 
we had a lovely picnic.

 There is about a 4 hour pause here where eldest child helped me clean up the play room and also got to play math games on the computer whilst youngest child took a much needed nap.

Followed by popcicles!!!  (and baths. . . .  )