Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 16

 Well - Day 16 started out as most of the previous week. . . just with a new kiddo on the couch.
 After a week of being stuck in the house, you can imagine that mama and kiddos are becoming quite the cranky pants.  How are you supposed to keep the "healthy" kid entertained without disturbing the sick kid?  I'm seriously taking suggestions.  Also - it was way. to. hot. to go outside today.  104 degrees hot.  Ouch.  

Mama broke a rule and let some upstairs toys come downstairs and we spent some time building while we watched yet more movies.
However, by about noon, mama had reached her breaking point in the "my child has been running a 103 fever since Saturday" category.  So daddy called over and got us in the see the MD.
As per usual, the 103 fever broke on the way in and was slightly under 100 when we got there.  Looks like we're just waiting out a virus.  Waiting is not one of our strengths.  We're going to need to get extra creative as we're housebound at least one more day.