Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 8

 A glimpse at day 8 of our summer vacation:

Stroller Strides - followed by playtime in the park. . . 

more time in the backyard and a picnic lunch
 naps for boys while mama did laundry and made some pasta

 which turned into yummy pancetta carbonara for dinner.  Joseph declared it the best pasgetti he ever ate!!!


Jennifer McHam said...

Um YUMMMMM. Tell me - Does Chef Swearingen make gluten free pasta as well??? SOOOOO impressed!!! And hello - where is that awesome park with all the sand?!?!?! Must go!

Emilie said...

That's Alsopp Park in Hillcrest/Heights. And Chef Swearingen has not tried to make gluten free pasta but she should!