Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 14

a.k.a. - another day under quarantine.

Just how do you entertain a kid who is still sick . . . but not?  Joseph is definitely better but is still not eating much and wears out easily.  Part of that translated into a big ole (much needed) nap yesterday during which mama was able to fold two large loads of laundry and iron 8 shirts and 3 pairs of pants.  (ironing clothes straight out of washing machine = shirts that look like they came straight from dry cleaners = laundry happiness.)

We watched more movies (Cars 2, Lion King, Monsters)
We played with our trains.
Then we explored our artistic talents.  
Coloring books are great but sometimes free-style drawing is the best!

I'm hoping that we'll be fully mended and able to get back to our regularly scheduled summer vacation adventures soon!