Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 13

a.k.a. - a day under quarantine

Our day started out with my little darling wanting a bed on the couch like his brother's.  Thank goodness for a big couch!
 We did lots of laying around in our jammies watching Mickey Mouse and several movies.
 Finally sick boy announced he was very hungry (yay!!) and devoured two of these. (side note - totally in love with Land O' Lakes cinnamon sugar butter!)
 After which he perked up and wanted to play.  I let him have his math book on the couch for phase 1 of operation "back to normal."
 Then we progressed to easy puzzles on the floor.
Mama even found a little time to make this shirt I saw on Pinterest.
 He didn't quite feel up to sitting at the table for dinner so I sent him back to the couch where he crashed so hard he didn't even budge at his little brother trying to shake him awake and throwing trains at him.  
I think he may need one more recovery day before we're back to "full steam ahead."