Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Vacation - Day 11

And we are on to week 3!!

But first we are going to backtrack a day into our weekend when amazing daddy decided to spend part of his Father's Day building this Kid Wash.
 When it was finished we took it apart and rebuilt it at our friends' home where we were having an evening cookout for the Ibrahim Family (our sweet friends moving to FL.)
 more to coming on the completed Kid Wash.

We started out our Monday morning with our usual line up: Stroller Strides followed by our weekly Kroger shopping trip.
 Don't be freaked out that my child is not buckled properly . . . we were at the park and in the process of getting out.  
 Part of our Kroger shopping trip included buying accessories for our Kid Wash.  Once we finished lunch and got Jake down for his nap Joseph and I got to work.  And (as Jake would say) TA DA!!!!!

 Joseph also helped me make a special desert for daddy (we like to extend holidays as long as possible around here.)

 And after Jake awoke, the boys headed out to enjoy the backyard activities.


Jes Morales said...

I’ve never seen a dump cake made with fresh fruit. It looks delicious! What’s the recipe … it doesn’t look like you added pie filling? Is it just fruit, yellow cake mix and butter sliced on top?

Emilie said...

that's exactly it Jes! I used peaches and blackberries this time. I love using the dump cake recipe as a cobble. . . :)

Emilie said...

I meant - cobbler! :)

Jes Morales said...

I cannot stop thinking about this dessert ever since I saw your pictures. I'm trying it tonight!! Thank you!!